Conference Outcomes

This conference’s primary objective is to promote Technical and Educational and Vocational Training (TEVT). According to International Labor Organization, the unemployment rate for youth aged 15-29 is 19.2 per cent in Nepal. In the meantime, almost 3000 youths are migrating daily to find employment in overseas countries. Most youths migrating for work abroad are unskilled and barely make a good living there. On the other hand, Nepali employers face problems recruiting people with the right skills. With these critical issues looming large, this conference will promote TEVT education teaching, learning, training, and researching for sustainable development. There will be guests from universities abroad who are committed to joining hands to transform the course of TEVT education through innovative ideas. The conference will strengthen and enlarge the network of transformative practitioners by bringing together institutional and individual participants. The participants will find their conference papers published in the conference proceedings and journal (if they meet the criteria for the journal). Further, the scholarly contents of the conference website will contribute to international dissemination and network building.