Modes of Presentations

A wide range of presentation modes are available for participants at the conference, such as paper presentations, panel discussions, workshops, posters, and other presentation ideas. Whichever forms of mode participants like to follow/choose, the participant have to submit an abstract, concepts, or ideas of about 500 words. It is important that the abstract, concepts, or ideas relate to the conference theme, “Deeper links, stronger institutions, decent jobs – Building better TVET systems“. 

Paper presentations
The paper presentations should include problem, purpose/research questions, hypotheses/arguments, methods, findings and conclusions, and implications. Literature-based writing is highly expected. It is often both a written document and an oral presentation. Each presenter will get 12 minutes to their presentation (PPT is recommended) and 3 minutes for Q&A session.

Panel discussion
Panel discussion should be based on the abstract accepted by the committee. Dedicated halls in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel will be provided for the panel discussion. You may be an expert in a specific subject, topic, technology, or strategy, or you may represent an institution, department, or organization. You are allowed to bring your team to the event but the panel members should be limited to five people if the moderator is not presenting. If the moderator is also presenting then the panel members should be limited to four members. Approximately one hour will be provided for panel discussion.

Workshops involve interaction between presenters and audiences around an abstracts/ideas/concepts submitted to committee. Appropriate considerations for this workshop format may include, for example: debate or extended dialogue with the audience for 45 minutes. It should be structured so that some explanatory or introductory information is provided, with ample time for audience interaction, participation, and involvement.

All posters should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the committee. The poster should be self-explanatory on which diagrams, graphics, data, pictures/photos, and a small amount of text are presented. Each author is assigned a display area and should be available at the time devoted to poster session, to interact with audience and answer questions. The dimensions for the posters are 2*3 feet (Width 2 and Height 3) and please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size. In addition, please make sure that the material used for the poster allows it to be posted on the boards. Please bring your poster with you.

Other presentation ideas
We are open to any further unique, innovative presentation or session ideas you may have – from art to a start-up pitch, the possibilities are limitless as long as they align with the themes of the conference. Please submit a brief, clear description of your idea on the submission page.