1. If my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference?
 Ans: Yes, you can attend as a Listener/Delegate

2. How do I submit my abstract?
 Ans: Submit your paper using our Abstract submission link

3. I am the Co-author of the paper, can I present the work?
 Ans: Yes. Either all authors or any one of the author can make presentation. It is important, however, you share who will be presenting to us the information the work.

4. Do I need to submit an abstract to attend the Conference?
 Ans: No, you can directly register as a Listener/Delegate.

5. Do I have to pay a fee only for one author if all authors make presentations?
 Ans: No. The payment is not on the basis of presentation but on the basis of participants.

6. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation?
 Ans: No, we are unable to sponsor anyone’s travel and accommodation.

7. Can the submission date be extended?
 Ans: Participants are requested to submit the abstract on or before the deadline. Consideration can be done if the participant has a valid reason (Natural Calamities, Maternity Leave, Health Issues, Political Issues)

8. Can I pay the early bird fee even after the early bird date expires?
 Ans: You cannot register under the early-bird category unless the last date of the early-bird registration extends.

9. What is the word limit of the abstract?
 Ans: minimum 500 words are allowed per abstract.

10. How can I register?
 Ans: You can find the registration instructions from the the conference official website (https://tvetnepal2023.kusoed.edu.np/registration/).

11. How can I make payment for the registration?
 Ans: You can find the online payment mode from the conference official website (https://tvetnepal2023.kusoed.edu.np/registration/).

12. What is included in the registration price?
 Ans: Registration includes Lunch on the day of the conference, access to all sessions, break beverages/snacks, Conference Proceedings, access to speaker presentations and a conference kit with certificates.

13. Will the conference be available remotely e.g. on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. for international participants?
 Ans: As of now, we have emphasized physical participation. There may be a possibility of considering online participation if there are too many such requests.